GenesisOne T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler
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GenesisOne™ T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler™
GenesisOne™ T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler™ is a complete database analysis and documentation tool. We've worked with our customers for years to create a system that most people can learn in minutes. When you do need help, our support team is a click or a phone call away.

The trial version is fully functional with the only limitation being on exports and printing.

Quick Shots:
Server connection

Choose the target server and enter the user name and password to connect. The GenesisOne™ tool can use SQL Server Authentication or Windows Authentication to connect. If you want to run our demo without connecting to your server, click the demo icon at the bottom of right corner and you can view the documentation generated using the Microsoft AdventureWorks sample database.
Add Server

Using this feature, user is able to add server to GenesisOne™ T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler.
Continue/Unlock Trial Account

This screen shows an icon to purchase a serial key to unlock the trial version. Users can purchase a serial key from GenesisOne™ website and enter that key in serial key field. Once the serial key is validated it shows that you have successfully activated your account and redirects you to the tool home page.
Home Page

The left panel has a section to explore database objects, listing all the databases on the target SQL Server. Expand the database tree node to view objects such as Stored Procedures, Tables, Schemas etc. In the right panel, the object details section displays the selected object details. There is also an option to change the View mode and to Export and Download the resulting documentation.
Object Details - Stored Procedures

This screen shows the object and functional details of any stored procedure in a graphical flow chart view. Object details of the Stored Procedure shows the input objects, source and designation columns, related tables, joins and conditions, etc., in a flow chart diagram format.
Object Details - Table View

Table view shows the sequence and flow of data in a tabular format.
Object Details - Summary View

Summary view provides a step-by-step verbal explanation of what is being done in the code.
Object Details - Dependencies

The Dependency View shows all the low-level detail of all objects referenced in the code, all the way down to the column level.
Object Details - Graphical Dependencies

Database graphical view shows high-level object dependencies and indicates whether or not the code is atomic or calls other code objects.
Export Document

User is able to export the SQL Diagram Document as PDF, PNG and SVG File, whatever format they may need. Limitations applied for Trial version, user can download 5 objects per each Stored Procedure. The licensed version has no limitations.
All the Features
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