GenesisOne T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler
Product Features
GenesisOne™ T-SQL Code Unscrambler

Automatically generates full legacy code documentation for large databases with complicated objects.

"By being able to 'unwind' dozens of legacy processes, quickly presenting the entire 'picture', both graphically and verbally, the user can more quickly grasp the complexity of a problem domain, or in other words, getting the "big picture". And therefore save time and money that can better be invested in actually solving the pressing business problem. UnScrambler is a tool that solves the problem of understanding hidden complexity."

GenesisOne™ SQL Server documentation (Microsoft SQL Server 2008/ 2008R2/ 2012) in PDF, PNG and SVG format; enables documenting all of the major SQL Server components. New documents can be regenerated at the touch of a button.

  • UnScrambler saved me hours, and in some cases, even days of manually printing out and tracing code, in order to understand what some of the old legacy procedures were doing -BEFORE we could even start working on the new requirements.
  • A Business Process owner can easily follow the UnScrambler Data Flow chart to help guide Developers when upgrading old procedures.
  • The T-SQL Code UnScrambler makes it easy for a Project Manager to visualize the extent of testing that will be necessary after we make changes to legacy procedures. The Dependency Diagram clearly shows every table, view, procedure, function –and even trigger, that may be impacted by code changes.
  • The UnScrambler Dependency Diagram makes it easy for me to get the ‘big picture’ of how all the parts fit together before I start digging into the actual code. I can click on any dependent object to quickly jump into its’ code.
  • Ability to standardize code documentation with zero effort.
  • The Unscrambler technology understands your security concerns and only uses selected permissions, so you can be assured no changes or havoc will effect your system.
  • GenesisOne™ application download includes Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Objects, Microsoft SQL Server Management Objects, Microsoft SQL Server Native Client and SQL Server CLR Types.
  • GenesisOne™ enables your ability to browse database structures. The structures shown depends on the database, the minimum level of detail includes Stored Procedures, tables, indexes and constraints as well as displaying information such as column names, column data types, column lengths, column null ability, and primary and foreign key information.
  • Description editor for tables (table, columns, indexes, foreign keys), Stored Procedures (stored procedure, parameters), defaults, rules. Description data is saved using SQL Server extended properties.
  • Errors are captured and shown to end users. They can send the error report to support team and get an immediate response. Meet your audit/SOX requirements easily by keeping up-to-date documentation.
  • Ability to document database in exactly the way the users require.
  • Rich set of output format (PDF, PNG, SVG).
  • High speed documentation creation of the complete database structure.
  • Display graphical view for object relations.
  • It is easily understandable by non developer.
  • Display summary view for stored procedure and function analysis.
  • Support for all SQL object types, their details and properties.
  • Individual database object selection to include into documentation.
  • Professional looking documentation styles.
  • Create time based snapshot of your Database objects.
  • Keep your documentation up-to-date and in-sync with your development.
  • Reduce the time and cost needed for documenting your databases.
  • Use built-in hyperlinks for easy navigation through your database structures.
  • No more manual update or regeneration of Documents.
  • Save time by automatically generated documentation.
  • Keep teams up to date by distributing documentation.
  • Enable each database developer on the team to keep up-to-date with changes made by other team members.
  • At each iteration, automatically print out full and standardized documentation of all database objects.
  • PM’s and tech leads can review changes for adherence to requirements without reading code.
  • Development managers can visually view database object dependencies which aids in development planning.
  • UnScrambler accomplished a full day’s work in 5 minutes. Using UnScrambler on a single Stored Procedure pays the entire licensing cost –and still gives back a half a day’s labor costs. If a typical Stored Procedure is allocated at one week, including development and testing. Unscrambler just saved 20% of the costs.